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    The Association of Irish Choirs [AOIC] is delighted to confirm that Dermot O’Callaghan, CEO, has been elected to the board of the European Choral Association [ECA] for a period of three years.


    The ECA is the umbrella organisation for the choral sector in Europe of which the AOIC are members. Over the past few years there has been a desire within the AOIC leadership to engage more with overseas organisations and to host major choral events in Ireland.


    Speaking about his election, O’Callaghan said: “I am excited to work with the European Choral Association over the coming years to further the superb work of choirs and singing groups throughout Europe. In Ireland, we have a vibrant and ever-growing choral sector that will benefit from greater connection to our European colleagues. I look forward to the coming years which will bring international events to Ireland and in turn show our contribution to European choral activity.’


    The closer relationship with the ECA has already been beneficial with Ireland set to host a Conducting Tour as part of the City of Derry International Choral Festival in 2019 with the European Youth Choir, EuroChoir, taking place in Ireland in 2020 along with the General Assembly of the ECA.


    Alan Kelly, Chairman of the AOIC said: “To have Ireland represented on the ECA board is a major step forward for Ireland and the development of the choral sector here. Internationally, choirs from this island have been more active in recent years with representation at the World Symposium of Choral Music in 2017 while Ireland’s professional groups have toured to much acclaim overseas.


    “It is only right that the choral sector continues to develop and evolve with stronger international connectivity and I hope that we can deliver more major international choral events to Ireland in the coming years which will focus more attention on the choral movement here”.


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