Sing Ireland Campaign Launched


    A national campaign to promote singing has been launched by the Association of Irish Choirs (AOIC). ‘Sing Ireland’ will run throughout October and will feature contributions from well-known singers and choirs around Ireland across social media.

    Dermot O’Callaghan, CEO of the AOIC said:  ‘We know that singing is a big part of many Irish people’s lives and is life enhancing. There are enormous numbers of Irish people involved in singing throughout the Island and during October we will celebrate that.”

    With more than 250,000 people involved in group singing in Ireland, the campaign is aiming to create more awareness of the value it plays in society. It is also a call to action to the Irish public to get involved in singing.

    “Sing Ireland is a campaign designed to draw attention to singing in Ireland. It also encourages those who may not have tried it out previously to get involved. Singing is a joyful activity that has numerous and quantifiable positive affects on a person’s health and well-being”.

    All those who sing, be it professionally, in a choir, a band or in the shower are encouraged to share their love of singing on social media using the hashtag #SingIreland.

    AOIC has partnered on recent research led by Dr. Hilary Moss of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. The research has shown how singing can improve a person’s health and well-being. Some of the quotes from the research include:

    Choir is a social "equaliser". Singing together connects people…. you can achieve a high when accomplishing things as a team …. My choir has been my extended family for almost 30 years now. It's really uplifting when we sing together and really enhances my life generally.


    I have issues with blood pressure and consistently the BP monitor shows a reduction in my reading after performing/practice!’


    ‘A good choir can also help towards improving community morale/pride…. (There is) great pride when we see a happy audience… I am immensely proud of my choir family and all that we achieve together.’


    ‘Singing has improved my mental health, giving me more confidence and less anxiety’


    Check out the website or contact the AOIC by email at or call 061234823. 


    For Further information contact

    Lily Lacey, Administrator, Association of Irish Choirs 061234823 or

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