AOIC events at the Cork Choral Festival





    The Association of Irish Choirs is proud to present a number of events at the Annual Cork Choral Festival 2017



    Alexander Technique Workshop Friday 28th April, 5.15pm

    Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music Admission: free of charge

    Freedom, flexibility and ease in performance! The Alexander Technique is a fascinating study of the relationship between thinking and movement. Everything we do involves movement. Every activity whether it’s singing, conducting, playing an instrument, walking, running or engaging in simple everyday tasks, involves movement. FM Alexander, an Australian actor, in the process of finding a solution to his vocal difficulties began a life-long study of thinking in relation to movement. How we are thinking, as we carry out a movement, can have a profound influence on our ability to move easily, freely and efficiently.Many singers and conductors experience excessive muscular effort in performance, which can greatly interfere with their ability to perform well. This informative Introductory Lecture and Demonstration will introduce you to the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) approach to the Alexander Technique. You will learn some key concepts that you can apply immediately, to improve your mental and physical performance.By learning more about ourselves and the principles which govern all movement behaviour, we can greatly improve the quality of our performance, and greatly enhance the quality of our lives in general.

    Mary Shorten has been involved in choral music for many years as a chorister, vocal tutor and conductor. In 2012, she graduated as an ITM Alexander Technique teacher, having studied with Don Weed, Head of ITM Training in Bristol.

    Choir Voicing Workshop Saturday 29th April, 10am

    Kevin O’Carroll

    Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music Admission: free of charge

    Are there prominent voices in your choir? Are their voices you never hear? Do each of the voice lines blend as if they were one voice?If you answered Yes, Yes and No to these three questions then it is highly likely that your choir would benefit from a technique known as Choir Voicing.Not to be confused with the classification of voices as Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass, the technique known as Choir Voicing was created to assist in generating the optimal blend of the singers in any given ensemble. One of the country’s leading musicians, conductor David Brophy, has said of this technique “Having attended Kevin O’Carroll’s absorbing presentation I’m fully convinced that all choirs should investigate the potential benefits of utilising this subtle and mysterious technique – they will be surprised at the results!” Kevin has been referred to as ‘The Choir Whisperer” and the Voicing technique has been described as voodoo for choirs! Whether you work with a large amateur group of 120 or an 8 member professional choral ensemble, the technique is equally effective.

    The Choir Voicing workshop is a one hour presentation held in an entertaining and collaborative atmosphere where either volunteers or a guest choir are used to demonstrate the technique and explain how it works. No choir member sings alone and all that is required is for choir members to change places! Choir Voicing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the overall sound of your choir.


    The Big Sing Saturday 2nd May, 12pm, Cork City Hall

    The Big Sing has, since its inception in 2011, been a huge success with a year on year increase in the number of people turning out to each, making each of them the largest choirs ever to have sung at the Choral Festival! The Association of Irish Choirs (AOIC) sponsors this event that encourages group singing. Singing with others can bring people together in a unique way and provides an unbeaten feel-good factor! This year it will be led by Gemma Sugrue. 

    Voice Production Saturday 29th April, 1.30pm

    Majella Cullagh

    Doolan Room (Room 217), CIT Cork School of Music Admission: free of charge

    The Association of Irish Choirs presents a Master Class in Vocal Production for singers in choirs and conductors led by acclaimed soprano Majella Cullagh. Many choral singers request help with vocal production issues or need a refresher on the basics of healthy, natural singing technique, breath control and support and posture. Majella Cullagh has been called one of the great bel canto divas of our time. Performing across the world, in opera houses from London to Verona, New York to Auckland, she is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s foremost musical ambassadors. Email or call 061234823 with queries.


    Friendship Concerts and workshops

    with members of the Irish Youth Choir, led by Eunan Mc Donald
    Thursday 27th                                    

    Glanmire Community College                          12.00pm           Irish Youth Choir, Ireland

    Edmund Rice College, Carrigaline                    2.00pm             Irish Youth Choir, Ireland uses cookies to analyse traffic through the site and help us improve user experience. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. More information Accept