Irish Youth Choir 2018 presents 'Psalmody'

The Irish Youth Choir performs its 2018 Summer Programme Psalmody, with inspirational choral music from ancient texts, under Conductor, Greg Beardsell at 8pm on Friday, 6th July 2018 at 8pm and Saturday, 7th July 2018 at 8pm in...More..

Irish Youth Training Choir 2017 presents ‘Maria!’

The Irish Youth Training Choir is proud to present ‘Maria!’, a culmination of their 2017 course.The programme explores a millennium of celebrating Mary! Through settings both sacred and secular.More..

IYC 2017 presents 'Make Our Garden Grow'

The Irish Youth Choir presents its summer 2017 programme. “Make Our Garden Grow” is the title for this year’s concerts and explores the remarkable life of Nadia Boulanger, perhaps the greatest music teacher who ever lived. This...More..

IYC 2016 Presents 'Rhyme and Reason'

Made up of Ireland’s finest young singers aged from 18 to 28, the Irish Youth Choir meets annually for a main intensive rehearsal course in the summer under the expert tuition of the Artistic Director, Greg Beardsell, and a team...More..

Irish Youth Chamber Choir Tour 2015: Heavenly Bodies

Irish Youth Chamber Choir will tour in the spring of 2015 to Cork, Waterford, Athlone and Dublin. This exciting touring programme brings Ireland’s best young choral singers to venues around Ireland and will incorporate...More..

Irish Youth Choir Presents Heavenly Bodies

Our lives are governed by the rhythm of the celestial bodies and the pulse of our hearts. This programme explores the motion of the stars and planets as they move above our earthbound adoration of each other, combining the texts...More..

Irish Youth Choir presents Love Sleep Cry Dance

Irish Youth Choir pictured at St. Mary's Cathedral Limerick during their first performance of Love Sleep Cry Dance tour July 2013. Above picture courtesy of Shane Barriscale, IYC and IYCC member. More..

Irish Youth Choir presents Love Sleep Cry Dance

Irish Youth Choir presents Love Sleep Cry Dance conducted by Greg Beardsell Music has the power to connect to us, bypassing consideration, driving straight to our core. From the crazed genius of Carlo Gesualdo to...More..

Irish Youth Chamber Choir 2013 Tour Dates Announced In 2011, Irish Youth Choir realised a long held ambition to create a smaller chamber choir of 27 singers, selected from within the ranks of the 100 member Irish Youth...More..

IYC 2011 round-up

"...a pleasure to listen to and a vindication of the choir's musical aims and methods" Martin Adams, The Irish Times, 6 July 2011More.. uses cookies to analyse traffic through the site and help us improve user experience. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. More information Accept