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"...the choral sound was always glorious" Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, 6 July 2010

"...a pleasure to listen to and a vindication of the choir's musical aims and methods" Martin Adams, The Irish Times, 6 July 2011

The Irish Youth Choir is the only dedicated national youth choir that offers training opportunities for conductors and singers from all over Ireland. Set up as a choir of 100 singers in 1982, IYC now consists of three choirs; the Irish Youth Choir (18–28), the Irish Youth Chamber Choir and the Irish Youth Training Choir (14–17) all overseen by the Association of Irish Choirs. (click here to find out how to join)

The Irish Youth Choir meets annually for a main intensive rehearsal course in the summer under the expert tuition of the Artistic Director, Greg Beardsell, and a team of tutors and vocal coaches. The week culminates in a number of performances by the choir. The Irish Youth Training Choir meets for a weekend course and workshop performance before the Irish Youth Choir begins and the Irish Youth Chamber Choir meet and perform throughout the year.

Alumni of the Irish Youth Choir have proceeded to become some of Ireland’s best conductors, choir founders, singers, teachers, and musicians.  They include internationally acclaimed singer Julie Feeney, soloists Mairéad Buicke, Bridget Knowles and Robin Tritschler, conductors Bernie Sherlock and Niall Crowley, to name but a few.

The Irish Youth Choir also offers training opportunities for conductors and singers. 2008 saw the introduction of the Conductor in Training initiative for IYC, established to give a young conductor an opportunity to work with the choir and conduct IYC in rehearsals and performance.

The Irish Youth Choir's 35th anniversary summer course will take place from Monday 26th June 2017 - Wednesday 5th July 2017 (may be subject to change) in Limerick.

What the singers say…

“One of the highlights of my time in the Irish Youth Choir has been the wonderful variety of music that we have the privilege of studying and performing…we have been introduced to an exciting repertoire that has changed the way I perceive certain genres of music.”

IYC Soprano 2012–13

“IYC is much more than a choir; it was the first time in my life I had the opportunity to meet and befriend people who loved to sing as much as I do. I’ve built some wonderful memories and made

some fantastic friends for life, none of which would have been possible without this amazing group.”

Mark Tilley, IYCC & IYC Tenor 2013

“Participating in the Irish Youth Choir has been such an incredible experience for me. We have such acclaimed talent and devotion among the staff of our tutoring panel, and Greg brings great enthusiasm and an encouraging attitude, ensuring that the week is full of great work and fun pulled together for everyone. Having the great opportunity to perform as part of collaborations, travel around Ireland for concert tours, and perform at the BBC Proms in London are just among the highlights of the success we have had as members of IYC.”

Raeghnya Zutshi, IYCC & IYC Alto 2012–13

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