Mission & History

Association of Irish Choirs - Enhancing life through choral music

The Association of Irish Choirs (AOIC) supports and promotes all forms of choral music in Ireland. We do this through a range of programmes and activities designed to respond to the needs of our members, the wider choral community and the public.

AOIC activities include

  • Developing and promoting choral music in Ireland
  • Offering mentoring and masterclass opportunities to conductors 
  • Running the Annual International Choral Conducting Summer School
  • Giving training and supports to primary and secondary school teachers
  • Organising singing days and workshops for schools and choirs nationally
  • Producing and promoting the Irish Youth Choir courses and concerts
  • Managing a library lending scheme of 14,000 pieces of Irish and other music
  • Providing information and advice to choirs


The Association of Irish Choirs (AOIC) was established in 1980 by Dr Geoffrey Spratt and Aiveen Kearney to promote and develop choral singing in Ireland. Operating under the name Cumann Náisiúnta na gCór, AOIC ran training courses, established and ran the Irish Youth Choir, published music, and created a community of choral practitioners right across the country.

Now based in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, AOIC still operates its key programmes: Annual Choral Conducting Summer School, the Irish Youth Choir and offering training to teachers and musicians.


In addition, AOIC has become involved in the development of a number of initiatives as part of its mission of Enhancing life through choral music. These include the National Choral Singing Week to promote the positive mental health benefits of choral music and Dawn Chorus to encourage greater participation in choral singing among older people.

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