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AOIC Choral Webinar - Tune In: Why do choirs have tuning problems?

What are the essentials of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level? Participants in this webinar will explore what is essential for improving the choral sound of choirs, no matter their musical or vocal experience.

This webinar is relevant to both the conductor and the singer in the choir. The webinar will explore the sound that a choir makes and how the singer and/or conductor can contribute to that sound.

As well as that the webinar will briefly touch on some important general 'best practice' tools for the choral rehearsal and performance.

Cost €8. AOIC Members can avail of a €3 discount using the code 'Member'. 

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Presented by Alan Leech. 

Alan Leech is one of Ireland's leading tenors and choral practitioners. Since graduating from UCC in 1995, he has been in consistent demand as both a performer and choral specialist. Not only has Alan performed chamber music, but he has also performed with most of Ireland's leading orchestras and choirs in oratorio and concert performances. 

Apart from his performance career, Alan has a true passion for education and choral development. He is much in demand as a voice teacher, and has been teaching singing at the Leinster School of Music & Drama since 2003, where he also lectures in Aural Skills and Choral Conducting for Griffith College's H Dip in Music.

Working as both a professional singer and singing teacher is central to Alan's significant contribution to the greater choral community in Ireland. He has worked as a vocal consultant for the Association of Irish Choirs on its annual Conductors Summer School. Since 2007, the AOIC have invited him to work as a tenor coach for the Irish Youth Choir, and recently as a vocal coach for the exciting new Irish Youth Chamber Choir. In 2012, Alan joined the teaching staff of the Ulster Youth Choir.

Alan has received many invitations to work with a varying range of choirs and ensembles nationwide through the combination of his singing, pedagogy and conducting skills. Mixing such skills is what sets Alan apart. uses cookies to analyse traffic through the site and help us improve user experience. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. More information Accept